Black Tourmaline

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۞ Black Tourmaline, AKA Schorl, is the Birthstone of 18°-19° Libra and the 18th of Tishrei.

۞ Black Tourmaline (Schorl) is one of the premier stones for our age. It has the ability to transmute and purify negative energy, turning it into usable energy. This is especially important as one fully opens one’s psychic and empathic abilities — Black Tourmaline acts to protect one’s energy field against attachments, entities and energetic debris. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Black Tourmaline is also an electrical gemstone and can be used to purify and regulate the electrical and other energetic systems of the body. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Black Tourmaline crystals are ideal for psychic protection for anyone who must work or live in challenging places or circumstances. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Carrying a Black Tourmaline in the pocket, holding one in meditation, or sleeping with one in the pillowcase will provide a refreshing dose of cleansing for the auric field and all dimensions of the etheric body. [Robert Simmons]

۞ A small number of Black Tourmalines are double-terminated. These are the ideal specimens for body layouts, because the linear flow of energies is enhanced equally in both directions along the crystalline form. Healing practioners who utilize crystals are especially advised to use these with their clients. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Black Tourmaline breaks up energy blockages and strongly repels negative energy. [Marina Costelloe]

۞ Pluto’s stone is Black Tourmaline. [Luc Bourgault]

۞ Black Tourmaline is the most effective blocker of curses, psychic attack and ill-wishing. It protects against cellphoneemanations, electromagnetic disturbances, radiation, and negative energies of all kinds. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Wear Black Tourmaline around your neck or place between yourself and the source of electromagnetics. Place point out from the body, it draws off negative energy and clears blockages. Gridded around the house or open space, it affords protection on all levels. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Black Tourmaline provides for an increase in ones physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity, and can maintain one “spirits” even in conditions which appear to emit the messages of “doom and gloom”. [Melody]

۞ As a protective stone against “spells” which are cast by the negative side of another, Black Tourmaline is a special stone to Native American Indians; Black Tourmaline in Quartz not only dispels the “spell”, but energizes the “victim” and actually increases well-being; Black Tourmaline used with Mica, returns the ‘spell’ to the originating source and allows one to view the sender of the negative energies. [Melody]