Blue Sapphire

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۞ Blue Sapphire is the Birthstone of Behenian Fixed Star Capella.

۞ Position of Behenian Fixed Star Capella in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 21°52′ Gemini.

۞ Blue Sapphire is the is the Biblical “Sapir” and the Tribal Stone of Yissachar, which was in the Breastplate of the High Priest.

۞ The Hebrew word “Sapir” means “Recounting Stone”. Traditionaly the The Blue Sapphire/Sapir was used as a talisman for strengthening one’s eyesight, reducing swellings and relieving pain.

۞ Rabbi Bachya states that the Blue Sapphire/Sapir is light-blue, the color of humility and unpretentiousness.

۞ Blue Sapphire aligns the physical, mental and spiritual levels, and restores the equilibrium. [Judy Hall — “Sun in Libra”]

۞ Sapphire is an excellent stone for communication at all levels. [Judy Hall — “Moon in Gemini”]

۞ Blue Sapphire provides access to some very deep levels of the mind, brings on sleep and can stimulate very intense states of devotion. [Luc Bourgault]

۞ Sapphire’s vibration is very beneficial for healing eye, ear, and nose problems, cataracts, inflammation, uterine tumours, eczema, acne and all lung troubles. [Luc Bourgault]

۞ Blue Sapphire can be used to rid one of unwanted thoughts and to bring joy and peace of mind via opening the mind to beauty and intuition. The Sapphire brings lightness and joy, with depth of beauty and thought to the user/wearer. The Sapphire is known as a ‘stone of prosperity’, sustaining the gifts of life, eliminating frustration and fulfilling dreams. [Melody]