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۞ Copula, AKA the Whirlpool Galaxy (Nebula M51) is a spiral galaxy in the in the Northern Hound, Asterion.

۞ Copula is the Spiral or Whirlpool Nebula mentioned by Ptolemy as the nebula under the tail of the Great Bear (Ursa Major). [Vivian Erwood Robson]

۞ Copula is of the nature of the Moon and Venus, and may cause blindness (all nebula have this effect), defective eyesight, strong passions, hindrances and disappointments. [Vivian Erwood Robson]

۞ Mercury conjunct Copula often has an irritating affect on the back of the lungs. Natives with Mercury conjunct Copula in their birthchart, will usually have a weaker right lung than the left, causing the remains of respiratory infections to settle on the right side. [Ted George]

۞ Venus conjunct Copula does not indicate any health issues. Natives with Venus conjunct Copula, often are very communicative and have the potential to build a successful business selling products. In many cases, they will develop a career on a higher professional level such as advertising promotions on radio or television. They are particularly good at picking up bargains because of their line of business. [Ted George]

۞ Saturn conjunct Copula is similar to Mercury conjunct Copula, adversely affecting the elasticity of the lungs causing a tightness and other complications. Many natives with Saturn conjunct Copula will suffer from breathing problems, so that many resort to mouth-breathing. [Ted George]

۞ Copula has Saturn-Venus qualities, which can signify great respect offered to the individual for services well given.

۞ Position of Fixed Star Copula in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 25°08′ Virgo.

۞ Moqui Ball is the Birthstone of 25°-26° Virgo and the 25th of Elul.