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۞ The Diamond, AKA the “King of the Crystals”, is the Birthstone of Behenian Fixed Star Algol.

۞ Position of Behenian Fixed Star Algol in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 26°10′ Taurus.

۞ The Diamond is the is the Biblical “Yahalom” and the Tribal Stone of Zevulun, which was in the Breastplate of the High Priest.

۞ The Hebrew word “Yahalom” means “Hammering Stone”. Traditionaly the Diamond/Yahalom was used as a talisman for protection against dangers and for ensuring marital success (hence the tradition of a man giving his bride a diamond ring).

۞ The Diamond/Yahalom, which symbolizes Zevulun’s wealth and symbolizes financial success, has always been the most valuable and expensive gemstone on the market.

۞ The Diamond/Yahalom was also used as a talisman for protection against nightmares and all harsh, black diseases.

۞ The Diamond is known as “the king of crystals”, symbolizing the central “sun” of the solar system, a force which maintains itself as a perfect state, never requiring re-charging. [Melody]

۞ The Diamond was used during ancient times as a talisman against cowardice and was recognized as a “stone to enhance invulnerability”. [Melody]

۞ The Diamond is also known as the “stone of innocence’, bringing forth purity, constancy, and the loving and open nature with which one came into physical realm. [Melody]

۞ The Diamond can also inspire the forces of accumulation; helping one to manifest abundance in all areas of life. [Melody]