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۞ Fomalhaut (AKA Star of Alchemy) is a reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish (Piscis Austrinus, not to be confused with the constellation Pisces).

۞ Fomalhaut gives faith, magic, fame, and interest in the occult, but also warns of congenital birth defects, addiction, and undesirable associates.

۞ Fomalhaut is one of the four “Guardians of Heaven” – “sentinels” watching over other stars. It formed one of the four royal stars of Persia as “Watcher of the South”. These were also called archangel stars; Fomalhaut was Gabriel – the Hero of the Heavenly Host.

۞ According to Ptolemy Fomalhaut is of the nature of Venus and Mercury.

۞ Ocean Jasper is the Birthstone of Fixed Star Fomalhaut (3°52′ Pisces).