Genesis Jasper

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۞ Genesis Jasper is the Birthstone of 30° Pisces – 1° Aries and the 30th of Adar.

۞ Position of Fixed Star Scheat in the year 5770 (2010 C.E.): 0°01′ Aries.

۞ Genesis Jasper is a combination of Hematite, Magnetite and Jasper, found in desert areas of the American West. It is formed from multiple thin sedimentary layers of dark grey, red-brown and golden yellow. [Robert Simmons – Pocket Book of Stones]

۞ Genesis Jasper is a strongly grounding stone. It energizes the root chakra, drawing Earth currents up through the feet. It activates the auric immune response, keeping negative energies away. It can be used to cleanse the meridian system and move congested chi out of stagnant areas. [Robert Simmons – Pocket Book of Stones]

۞ Genesis Jasper got its name because of its connection to the early origins of life. It has a strong energetic affinity to organic life, and as such it can be a powerful Healing Stone. It promotes recovery from illness and can be used to increase longevity. It is helpful for those recuperating from long illnesses, allowing one to once again become fully grounded in the physical body. [Robert Simmons – Pocket Book of Stones]

۞ Genesis Jasper is a stone of new beginnings. It works through the first, second and third chakras to help one truly manifest one’s dreams. It clears away negative attachments, allowing positive inspirations to come into consciousness. It aids one’s persistence, so that one pursues one’s inspirations to completion. [Robert Simmons – Pocket Book of Stones]

۞ Genesis Jasper’s highest purpose is in the awakening of the New Earth. Its amazing capacity for grounding high vibrations in the physical realm makes it an ideal anchoring stone for the new energies of super-consciousness now being channeled to the Earth. All Light Workers should have this helpful workhorse of a stone in their tool kits. [Robert Simmons – Pocket Book of Stones]

۞ Genesis Jasper is also an aid to empathic communication with animals — perhaps because of its friendly affinity with all life. [Robert Simmons – Pocket Book of Stones]

۞ Personally I’ve experienced amazing synchronicities with this special gemstone. I have recorded my personal experience with Genesis Jasper in my Crystal Diary and published my account in a blog post:

Scheat & Genesis Jasper Synchronicities