Green Heulandite

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۞ Green Heulandite is the Birthstone of 28°-29° Virgo and the 28th of Elul.

۞ Position of Fixed Star Markeb in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 28°54′ Virgo.

۞ Some years ago, when I studied jewelry making in Tel Aviv, I chanced on this small Crystal Store as I was on my way to the Central Bus Station. There was a large sign by the entrance saying “Liquidation”. I entered the store, confident that I would find there some special crystals for a good price. I bought some tumbled pieces of Pietersite. As I was paying, my eye suddenly caught sight of some Green Heulandite specimens. I hadn’t seen this stone before and I asked the seller what they were. He answered that those were pieces of Green Heulandite. Without hesitation I answered that I want to buy them as well. He said that he would sell them to me although he had received them as a gift from a friend after she returned from a trip to India. He offered them for much less than the regular market price and I was delighted. I randomly opened my Hebrew Bible and asked what was this crystal good for. My finger landed on the word “revenge”. Hence I knew that this crystal was good for rectifying wrongs and doing justice. Incidentally, or not (who knows?), the color of the stones were khaki green – just like the IDF uniform. So I personally call the Green Heulandite the “IDF soldier’s talisman”.

۞ Green Heulandite’s greatest talent lies in its ability to refocus one’s awareness and consciousness from the head to the heart, transforming our thought-centered consciousness to frequency-based consciousness. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Green Heulandite is soothing to the emotional body and promotes joyful and blissful states of consciousness. It fosters the frequencies of compassion and love. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Green Heulandite enhances what is sometimes called ’emotional intelligence’. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Heulandite permits access to the Akashic Records, providing the most helpful and hopeful information. [Marina Costelloe]

۞ Heulandite is sometimes known as ‘Australian Jade’, and contemporary sources say that Heulandite brings one ancient mystical knowledge. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ The beautiful, transformative character of Heulandite’s energy reminds us to keep an open mind even in difficult situations. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ Carnelian stimulates inquisitiveness and subsequent initiative. [Melody]

۞ Heulandite assists one in exploring, and in the discovery of both the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, bringing a synthesis of times together for the actualization of the ‘best’. [Melody]

۞ Heulandite is helpful releasing the bonds of custom, privilege, condescension, conceit, and jealousy. [Melody]