Mystic Merlinite

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۞ Mystic Merlinite is the Birthstone of 3°-4° Taurus and the 3rd of Iyar.

۞ Position of Fixed Star Sharatan in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 3°58′ Taurus.

۞ On the 3rd of Iyar, is the 18th day of the Omer Count. The Sefirah of the 18th day is “Netzach” of “Tiferet” — “Ambition in Harmony”. This is a good time to fight for what you believe in as well as uphold your principles and moral values.

۞ On the 3rd of Iyar, 5316 (1556 C.E.), on the orders of Pope Paul IV, 25 Marranos were burnt at the stake in Ancona, Italy. Donna Gracia Mendes Nasi, a wealthy Portuguese Marrano, upon hearing about the burning of her fellow Jews, organized a financial boycott against the port of Ancona. She called on all Jews to do trade from the neighboring harbors and thus financially ruin Ancona. Her trade embargo was successful for a few months, and is considered to be one of the first instances when Jews struck back against the Inquisition.

۞ Mystic Merlinite is composed of a blend of feldspar, quartz, and trace minerals, in swirling black and white patterns. This stone comes from a remote island in the Indian Ocean.

۞ Robert Simmons: “When I first picked up a chunk of Mystic Merlinite and held it to my forehead, powerful pulsations immediately surged in through the third eye chakra, filling my head and moving downward to the base chakra, as well as up to the crown. The surges continued, and I realized that this stone can move one very quickly into altered states of consciousness.”

۞ Robert Simmons: “Sleeping with Mystic Merlinite can bring forth a parade of potent and powerful dreams. It aids in dream recall, and can summon one’s spirit guides to teach and guide one during these deep dream experiences. It facilitates one’s capacity for lucid dreaming, in which one becomes aware that one is dream and can choose your course of action, even enabling one to dream as one wishes to dream. Just as it opens the doors of the dream world, Mystic Merlinite can aid one in exploring the entire realm of the subconscious. It helps in recovering suppressed or lost memories, especially of experiences which have caused the loss of ‘soul parts.’ It can be a great helper and protector in the process of soul retrieval – an invaluable part of the path to wholeness. Mystic Merlinite can bring all of your inner shadows into the light, without judgement and without fear. This is essential to healing many wounds which may be unconsciously causing self destructive patterns of behavior. For example, one might overeat because one has been literally starved in a past life, or because of being ‘starved for attention’ in childhood. ‘Seeing is freeing,’ as the saying goes, and Mystic Merlinite guides one unerringly to exactly the issues which most need to be brought to light for one’s growth and healing. Past lives, as mentioned, are sometimes where parts of ourselves get stuck, or are storehouses of previously developed capacities. Meditation with Mystic Merlinite with the intention to see into past lives, especially when one is guided by an intuitive friend or companion who is also holding or wearing a Mystic Merlinite piece, can open the mysterious doors of your soul history or spiritual ancestry. Such journeys can aid one in recognizing the sources of your talents or disabilities, and can allow one to free oneself from old hindrances or to focus on refreshing a past ability for use in this life. Often these recollections serve as spiritual mirrors, showing who we are within who we have been, and increasing self-awareness. A mystical experience is often the sudden realization of who one truly is. Mystic Merlinite’s most important quality is the expansion of self-awareness to the critical point at which such realizations occur.”

۞ Robert Simmons: “The awakening of recollections, mental powers, intuitive capacities and recognition of where one needs soul-healing all lead toward the threshold of true self-discovery, the mystic awakening. The black and white mixture of Mystic Merlinite symbolizes the light and shadow sides of the self, both of which one must embrace in the moment of inner awakening. Working inwardly with Mystic Merlinite is a way of putting oneself on this path of self-realization. One of Mystic Merlinite’s key qualities is that of bringing the exiled parts of oneself back into the light of consciousness.”

۞ Robert Simmons further writes: “Like the original Merlinite, Mystic Merlinite can part the veils between the visible and invisible worlds, opening the doors to deeper intuitive abilities. It aids in developing psychic capacities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and prophetic vision. It can facilitate one’s opening the dormant areas of the mind and in recalling knowledge and talents from past lives. It increases your sensitivity to the communications of the subtle realms, allowing one to ‘talk’ with plant and animal spirits, as well as other entities in the spirit worlds.”