Orange Aventurine

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۞ Orange Aventurine is the Birthstone of 1°-2° Aries and the 1st of Nissan.

۞ Position of Fixed Star Kerb in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 1°03′ Aries.

۞ On the 1st of Nissan, 2448 (1313 BCE), two weeks before the Exodus, HaShem showed Moshe the crescent New Moon and commanded the Jewish people to sanctify the New Month when seeing the crescent New Moon. This marks the inauguration of the Jewish Lunar Calendar.

۞ On the 1st of Nissan, 2449 (1312 BCE), the portable Mishkan (“Tabernacle” or “Sanctuary”) built by the Children of Israel in the Sinai desert was inaugurated.

۞ On the 1st of Nissan, 2449 (1312 BCE), Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aharon died (Leviticus chapter 10, verses 1-2).

۞ On the 1st of Nissan, 5532 (1772 C.E.), Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was born in Medzhybizh.

۞ Orange Aventurine is a lucky stone for bringing exciting new possibilities and Divine Synchronicities into one’s life.

۞ Orange Aventurine is also known as the “Whisper Stone” it’s energies help to quiet the voice of negativity.

۞ Orange Aventurine aids in strengthening one’s will power, motivation and resolve in getting done what needs doing.

۞ Orange Aventurine amplifies jovial and merry emotions, firing up optimism. [Marina Costelloe]