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۞ Papagoite is the Birthstone of 20°-21° Capricorn and the 20th of Tevet.

۞ Papagoite is excellent for use in exploring past lives. It draws one into resonance with the Akashic records, allowing access to information about one’s soul journey and acting as a key to unlock ancient knowledge. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Robert Simmons: Papagoite seems to transform sorrow into happiness. I am filled with a sense of well-being when I hold the stone. There is also a sense of being in harmony, of being at one with the flow of the Universe, so that there is no need to try to ‘push the river’. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Papagoite activates one’s psychic abilities. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Papagoite assists one in speaking with love and clarity, bringing smoothness to the verbalization of that which is in the mind. [Melody]

۞ Papagoite provides for an optimistic and broad-minded outlook, supplementing philosophical reasoning capabilities and ingenuity. [Melody]

۞ Papagoite assists one in the actualization of the generosity of giving oneself, totally and without constraint, to others. [Melody]

۞ Papagoite is useful in strengthening the bonding of relationships; it instills a deep connected-ness between one and the family, the friends, and all of existence. [Melody]