Paraiba Tourmaline

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۞ Paraiba Tourmaline, AKA Neon Tourmaline, is the Birthstone of 6°-7° Sagittarius and the 6th of Kislev.

۞ Paraiba Tourmaline is a variety of tourmaline uniquely colored by copper that creates a mesmerizing vivid blue and blue-green hue with an electric glow.

۞ Heitor Dimas Barbosa, a small-scale miner, discovered Paraiba Tourmaline in 1987 near the village of São José da Batalha in Paraíba, Brazil.

۞ Paraiba Tourmaline was first traded in the gem market in Brazil in 1988. And in 1989 miner, Heitor Dimas Barbosa emptied a bag full of bright blue crystals to show an incredulous gem dealer, Marcelo Bernardes.

۞ The first specimens of Paraiba Tourmaline were first displayed to the world in 1990 at various venues during the February gem shows in Tucson, Arizona. “Ultramarine,” “neon” and “electric” were words passionately exchanged to describe these exceptional tourmalines.

۞ Paraiba Tourmaline inspires long lasting love and friendship, amplifies Venus energy. [Marina Costelloe]

۞ Paraiba Tourmaline is a stone for healers. Its energies arouse a desire to help and support others.

۞ Paraiba Tourmaline is a “Stone of Truth”; its energies encourage one to speak one’s truth and to live in harmony with all beings.

۞ Paraiba Tourmaline is also a “Stone of Joy and Lightheartedness”.

۞ Paraiba Tourmaline is an excellent stone for writers, teachers, speakers, and counselors of all kinds. It helps to organize one’s thoughts coherently and express one’s ideas in words and well-formed sentences.