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۞ Pyrite (AKA “Fool’s Gold”) is the Birthstone of 12°-13° Capricorn and the 12th of Tevet.

۞ Position of Fixed Star Nunki in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 12°23′ Capricorn.

۞ Pyrite is excellent for use in manifestation, as it helps one take action on one’s ideas or concepts. It also aids in grounding higher knowledge into action and is ideal to use at the end of a meditation to bring the energy fully into the physical realm. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Pyrite stimulates creativity in art, mathematics, sculpture, architecture, science and many other disciplines. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Pyrite increases mental clarity and focus, making it an ideal stone for students. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Pyrite motivates creation through ideas, willpower and desire. It enhances psychic and supernatural abilities. [Marina Costelloe]

۞ Pyrite can be a useful support (visualising) for fortifying the blood in cases of anaemia or iron deficiency and it helps good management of possessions one already owns. [Luc Bourgault]

۞ Pyrite is an iron sulfide that is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the mineral marcasite. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ Pyrite has been used for a wide variety of ornaments, most especially among Mexican and Central American peoples. The ancient Mexicans made wonderful Pyrite mirrors, which were an antecedent of today’s cosmetic or magnifying mirrors. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ Pyrite emits a powerful energy and is used in treating a wide range of physical ailments. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ Pyrite comes from the Greek for “Firestone” because it was believed that Pyrite, a sparking stone, held fire in its core. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ An excellent energy shield, Pyrite blocks out negative energy and pollutants at all levels, preventing energy leaks from the physical body and aura, protecting subtle and physical bodies, and deflecting harm. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Pyrite creates a positive outlook. This stone sees behind a façade to what is. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Pyrite can help to keep out the negative vibrations of pollutants at the physical level, due to an energy field which it creates within the aura. [Melody]

۞ Pyrite is a unique protector and is an excellent stone to keep in one’s possession when performing dangerous work; its helps to keep away all forms of negative vibrations and can work to allay physical danger. [Melody]

۞ Pyrite can be used to stimulate the powers of the intellect, enhancing memory and providing for recall of relevant information, when required. [Melody]

۞ Pyrite has been used to lessen fevers and to reduce inflammation. [Melody]