Rose Quartz

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۞ Rose Quartz is the birthstone of 14°-15° Aquarius and the 14th of Shevat.

۞ Rose Quartz may be used to sooth burns and reduce blistering if rubbed lightly with a polished stone or used as an elixir. It may also be beneficial in diminishing the appearance of unsightly scars. Use as an elixir to clear the skin, reduce wrinkles and promote a soft complexion.

۞ Rose Quartz can vibrationally support the energetic stabilization of the physical heart as it shifts to match the increasing frequency of the planet. It can aid those experiencing palpitations or skipped beats, irregular heart rhythm or emotional distress due to these energetic changes. It is a wonderful stone of protection for children, as its strong heart energy transforms negativity into compassionate understanding. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Rose Quartz is one of the most important stones to wear; to use in meditation, sleep and body layouts; and to keep in one’s environment. Placing a good-sized chuck of Rose Quartz in each room of one’s house can fill the entire structure with its gentle energies, keeping the energy of love in focus for all who live there. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Rose Quartz promotes love, self love, love between people, and spiritual love. [Marina Costelloe]

۞ Rose Quartz is prescribed for all heart problems, whether physical or emotional. It soothes, calms and relaxes the person who uses it. It is therefore of great help to hyperactive children or babies who cry a lot. Give them a piece of Rose Quartz large enough so that there is no danger of it being swallowed. They will calm down almost immediately. [Luc Bourgault]

۞ The Romans used Rose Quartz for making seals as a sign of ownership and as a Stone of Healing, while Egyptians believed the Pink Stone prevented aging and a youthful glow to the complexion. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ Rose Quartz’s energy works to remove old blockages and encourage the qualities of forgiveness, tolerance, patience, and understanding. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ At the physical level of love, Rose Quartz is used for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and in some cases to increase fertility. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ Rhodochrosite or Rose Quartz are powerful emotional healers. Place them over your heart and let them draw out the pain, softening your attitude to the offending person as they do so. [Judy Hall — “Sun in Leo”]

۞ Rhodochrosite or Rose Quartz are extremely beneficial if worn for long periods of time. [Judy Hall — “Sun in Aquarius”]

۞ Rose Quartz teaches you how to love yourself rather than giving all your attention to pleasing others. In enhancing self-acceptance, it brings you confidence in yourself. [Judy Hall — “Libra Ascendant”]

۞ Rose Quartz is the stone to use if you want to attract love, particularly as it promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds. [Judy Hall — “Moon in Libra”]

۞ Rose Quartz can heal your fears and help you to find deep intimacy and closeness in relationships. [Judy Hall — “Moon in Aquarius”]

۞ Rose Quartz’s opening your heart ritual: To open your heart you will need a large piece of Rose Quartz. A tumbled stone feels particularly good and polished, heart-shaped pieces are available, which make a useful reminder to keep your heart open. Hold the crystal in your hands. Close your eyes and quietly attune to the crystal. Let its loving energy flow through your hands, up your arms and into your heart and absorb its healing energies, feel it gently dissolving any heartache or heartbreak. Allow your heart to fill with love. Feel your heart expanding ever outwards until the loving energy fills the whole of your body. Say out loud: ‘I welcome love into my expanding heart. I am heart-centered and open to love.’ Wear your Rose Quartz over your heart or place it under your pillow. [Judy Hall — “Moon in Leo”]

۞ Rose Quartz emits a calming, cooling energy which can work on all of the chakras to gently remove negativity and to reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self-love. It provides the message that there is no need for haste in any situation, bringing calmness and clarity to the emotions and restoring the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations. [Melody]

۞ Rose quartz is especially helpful at the locations of the heart and the crown chakras. The energy is soft and silky, producing a gentleness from without and from within the user. It has been known as a “Stone of Gentle Love”, bringing peacefulness and calm to relationships. It promotes receptivity to the beauty of art, music, and the written word, enlivening imagination, and representing a young, warm love. It can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of love. It provides for balancing of yin-yang energy and can attune each chakra to, and provide each chakra with, the proper frequency of energy vibration. This mineral is quite effective in the treatment of conditions relating to the emotional body, balancing the love emotions of the upper four chakras – heart, throat, brow, and crown chakras. Rose Quartz can act as a rejuvenating agent for both the physical body and the emotions. It is an excellent energy for healing emotional “wounds”. [Melody]

۞ Placing Rose Quartz in ones environment, using the energies in elixir, and wearing and/or carrying the crystal all stimulate the true life force – LOVE. [Melody]