Rutilated Quartz

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۞ Rutilated Quartz is the Birthstone of 23°-24° Cancer and and the 23rd of Tamuz.

۞ Position of Fixed Star Pollux in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 23°13′ Cancer.

۞ On the 23rd of Tamuz, 5330 (1570 C.E.), Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, also known as the “Ramak”, passed away in Safed. He was an authoritative Kabbalist and author of ‘Pardes Rimonim’, ‘Ohr Yakar’, ‘Tomer Devorah’ and other books.

۞ Rutilated Quartz activates the higher mind, assisting one in gaining information and knowledge of a spiritual nature. It grounds Light energy on the cellular level, helping to bring illumination to all levels of one’s being. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Rutilated Quartz can help one maintain mental focus and clarity and it assists one in following through on ideas or plans. [Naisha Ahsian]

۞ Rutilated Quartz simply sizzles with energy – it feels almost electrified. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Rutilated Quartz assists in one’s attunement to the flow of graceful action and the inner song of the Divine. It helps one to instantly know if a person or situation carries good or bad vibes. [Robert Simmons]

۞ Spiritually, Rutilated Quartz transmutes negativity and enhances communication with spirit guides. [Marina Costelloe]

۞ The mineral rutile is said to intensify the metaphysical properties of its host quartz crystal, and, in matters of the heart, the golden variety is the best stone to wear or carry as an antidote to loneliness. Simply put, if you’re looking for love, it will prove an invaluable aid in putting you in the right place at the right time. Also said to relieve depression and loneliness, the stone’s energy will help you find a new direction in your personal life. Think of those needles as a kind of compass pointing the way to happiness. [Teresa Kennedy]

۞ Rutilated Quartz, sometimes known as Angel Hair, is renowned for its ability to illuminate the spiritual pathway. [Judy Hall — “Sun in Taurus”]

۞ Keeping a piece of Rutilated Quartz with you at all times serves as a reminder of the presence of your spiritual self and brings about deep insights into what is preventing you from trusting the universe. Once this trust is established, you have inner security, one of the few qualities that can be taken out of this world. [Judy Hall — “Sun in Taurus”]

۞ Rutilated Quartz (Angel Hair) has strong, earthy vitality and is an effective integrator of energy. It helps you to release your hold on the past so that you can fully realize your life plan. This beautiful stone helps you to raise your eyes from the mundane, illuminating the soul and stimulating spiritual awareness. [Judy Hall — “Moon in Taurus”]

۞ Rutilation creates very powerful vibrational healing as it intensifies energy flow within the Quartz and integrates it within the body. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Said to have a perfect balance of cosmic light and to be an illuminator for the soul, Rutilated Quartz breaks down the barriers to spiritual progress, letting go of the past, and promotes forgiveness at all levels. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Rutilated Quartz gives powerful protection against psychic attack. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Rutilated Quartz brings strength with love, ease in transition, growth in all avenues of ones development, and calm, reason, and order. [Melody]