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۞ Septarian, AKA Dragon Stone, is the Birthstone of 20°-21° Pisces and the 20th of Adar.

۞ The 20th of Adar is mentioned in the “Megillat Taanit”: On this day the prayer of Honi HaMe’agel (‘Honi the Circle-drawer’) for rain was answered.

۞ On the 20th of Adar, 5340 (1580 C.E.), Rabbi Yehuda Loew ben Bezalel of Prag made the Golem.

۞ I bought by pure chance a giant tumbled piece of Septarian on Friday, the 1st of Kislev 5776. The stone got held up in the post and because it didn’t arrive on time the vendor refunded my payment on Monday, the 16th of Tevet 5776. On Tuesday, the 24th of Tevet the Septarian arrived in one piece so I repaid the seller. From these chain of events it is clear that the Septarian holds many surprizes and unexpected events.

۞ Septarian positively enhances beginnings, fertility, creative potential, quick wit, and clever intelligence. [Marina Costelloe]

۞ Septarian is reputedly named from the Latin ‘Septem’ or seven, because the mud ball from which it formed on the seabed splits into seven points radiating in every direction. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ A useful tool for public speaking, Septarian makes each individual feel that he or she is being personally addressed and enhances the ability to communicate. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Septarian coheres spiritual groups, and healers can use it for diagnosis and insight into the cause of disease. It has the ability to focus the body’s own healing power. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ Septarian brings together the energy-cleansing and amplifying qualities of Calcite, Earth-healing and grounding properties of Aragonite and the nurturing and stabilizing energies of Chalcedony. [Judy Hall — New Crystals]

۞ Septarian is a joyous stone that supports you while you incubate ideas and assists in bringing them to fruition, inculcating patience, tolerance and endurance. [Judy Hall — New Crystals]

۞ Septarian will ground your creativity if you are someone who always has ideas but never puts them into practice. [Judy Hall — New Crystals]