Stonehenge Bluestone

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۞ Stonehenge Bluestone, AKA Preseli Spotted Dolerite, AKA Dolerite, is the Birthstone of 28°-29° Aries and the 28th of Nissan.

۞ On the 28th of Nissan, is the 13th day of the Omer Count. The Sefirah of the 13th day is “Yesod” of “Gevura” — “Connection in Restraint”. This is a good time for learning Self-Control in all your relationships, especially your marital relationship.

۞ On the 28th of Nissan, 2488 (1273 BCE), the Stone Wall of Yericho Collapses. Hence the energies of the Stonehenge Bluestone (Preseli Spotted Dolerite), which is the birthstone for the 28th of Nissan, help to break the power of Black Magic and evil spells.

۞ On the 28th of Nissan, 5705 (1945 C.E.), the Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated.

۞ Intuitive sources say Stonehenge Bluestone (Preseli Spotted Dolerite) can be used for drawing energies from the Earth’s meridian system and for attuning to ley lines and other Earth energies. It facilitates shape-shifting and shamanic journeying. It can aid one in sensing the “Heartbeat of our Earth” and aid in moving into a transformational resonance with the Earth’s energies.

۞ Dr. Colin R. Shearing writes: “The geological name for Preseli Bluestone is Dolerite which is an intrusive volcanic rock of plagioclase feldspar and is in fact harder than granite. Forms of dolerite are found all over the world and were used for making tools to work on granite statues in ancient Egypt. Polished Bluestone axe-heads from Preseli have also been found but whether these were ceremonial axe-heads or actually used as tools is unknown. In 2001 I discovered a memorial stone in the Preseli Hills (located in Pembrokeshire in the South West of Wales) which had been polished and then, during a geological survey, the Bluestones were cut open and then the proverbial penny dropped. Inside the stones we found feldspar crystal formations and mica. When polished, the stone looks like the night sky studded with stars and now, having seen its beauty when polished, it seemed obvious to me that this was reason enough to move them and erect a circle of them. The ancient Egyptians revered Lapis Lazuli (Blue Stone) for the same reason.”

۞ Stonehenge Bluestone (Preseli Spotted Dolerite) helps to connect with distant past, amplifies ritual use of sound and movement, and serves as a doorway to different spiritual dimensions. [Simon & Sue Lilly]

۞ Stonehenge Bluestone (Preseli Spotted Dolerite) facilitates karmic healing and can be used in past life therapy. [Simon & Sue Lilly]

۞ Stonehenge Bluestone (Preseli Spotted Dolerite) enhances will power, and courage.

۞ Stonehenge Bluestone (Preseli Spotted Dolerite) may act as a protection stone, an energy enhancer, as well as for dowsing and receiving messages. Keeping a piece of bluestone near your work environment or under your pillow at night is said to help with clairaudience and clairvoyance.

۞ British researchers, Dr. Paul Devereux and Dr. Jon Wozencroft from London’s Royal College of Art, reported in Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology, Consciousness and Culture (Volume 7, Issue 1, 2014), that they revealed extraordinary sonic properties of Stonehenge Bluestones: When struck, some make a range of metallic sounds, from pure bell-like tones to tin drum noises to deeper gong-like resonances.