Tantric Twin Quartz

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۞ Tantric Twin Quartz, AKA Twinflame Quartz, AKA Soulmate Quartz, is the Birthstone of 26°-27° Taurus and the 26th of Iyar.

۞ Position of Behenian Fixed Star Algol in the year 5760 (2000 C.E.): 26°10′ Taurus.

۞ On the 26th of Iyar, is the 41st day of the Omer Count. The Sefirah of the 41st day is “Yesod” of “Yesod” — “Connection in Connection”. This is a good time for building your marital relationship by infusing it with Divine Sanctity.

۞ On the 26th of Iyar 4702 (942 C.E.), Rabbi Saadia Gaon, passed away. Rabbi Saadia ben Joseph, one of the last and most famous Gaonim, a great Talmudic scholar, Jewish philosopher, Hebrew Grammarian and inspiring leader, was born in a small village near Fayyum (the site of the ancient city Pithom), in Egypt.

۞ On the 26th of Iyar 5507 (1747 C.E.), Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato from Padua, passed away at the age of 39 in Acco. He was buried in Tiberias, next to the tomb of Rabbi Akiva. He was a famous philosopher, kabbalist and ethicist.

۞ On the 26th of Iyar 5727 (1967 C.E.), at 7:45 Israeli time, the Six-Day-War broke out, when the Israeli army launched preemptive strikes on its southern and northern frontiers.

۞ Tantric Twin Quartz is a specific type of twin quartz crystal.

۞ The Tantric Twin Quartz is a formation of two crystals approximately the same size growing from a common base with separate terminations, and parallel growth.

۞ Tantric Twin Quartz are crystalline siblings and have the energy of togetherness, cohesion, brotherly love, common heritage, and family.

۞ Tantric Twin Quartz crystals serve as talismans to bring the power of resolution to family issues.

۞ Some people use Tantric Twin Quartz crystals to keep families together by placing them in prominent parts of their home.

۞ A pair of crystals approximately the same size growing from a common base, joined together along one side but with distinct terminations, is known as Twinflame, Tantric Twin, or Soulmate, and can be programmed to attract a soul partner. A true Twinflame Crystal has two identical crystals aligned side by side. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ A twinflame attracts a soulmate without any karma attached. Place a twinflame crystal in the relationship corner of your home or bedroom – the farthest right from the door. [Judy Hall — Encyclopedia]

۞ The Twin Crystal is also useful for melding the consciousness of groups and for promotion of universal love. [Melody]